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Ceramic Products

SINTEROM S.A. manufactures a wide range of superaluminous ceramic products with Al2O3 content of 69-96%, glazed or un-glazed, having mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical applications. Ceramic Insulators Sinterom manufactures ceramic insulators for high and low voltage, with high temperature and thermal shock resistance, glazed or un-glazed, used for spark plugs, ignition electrodes, electrical, thermical devices, […]

Ignition electrodes

In its general manufacturing programme, Sinterom also produces, of over fifty years, ignition electrodes with ceramic insulators, having as destination both industrial thermoenergetic equipments and household appliance. Beside their basic use, namely spark ignition of gaseous or sprayed liquid fuel mixtures in the burners of thermo energetic equipments or of gas cooking machines, they still […]

Spark Plugs

SINTEROM Company has a tradition of more than fifty years in the manufacture of spark plugs. This manufacture was developed on our own conception with the continuous pursuit of the constructive and technological progress in the field. The modern equipment of its manufacturing lines insures the applying of the up to date technologies: isostatic pressing […]

Investitii de 3,2 milioane de euro la SINTEROM CLUJ

SINTEROM CLUJ, lider național în producția de piese mecanice sinterizate şi bujii, a finalizat în 2014 implementarea unui proiect de investiții de 3,2 milioane de euro care a vizat modernizarea capacităților de producție din Cluj-Napoca. Acest proiect este o primă etapă a planului de retehnologizare a companiei în vederea consolidării poziției pe piața națională şi […]