About us

As part of SCR Group, the strongest industrial group in Romania, Sinterom SA is the leader in manufacturing of: powder metalurgy, structural parts, spark plugs, ignition electrods, ceramic insulators, glow plugs, tooling and devices.

Sinterom Cluj Cuptor 2

Established in 1936, SINTEROM has a capital of 12 million lei and a number of 220 employees. The company has a surface of 75.524 sqm

Legal Status

Private: 62,7450% – Contactoare Buzău (SCR Group)
SIF OLTENIA: 31,0371%
Public: 1,8311%
Individuals: 4,3778%

Manufacturing program

  • Sintered Parts Mainly For Automotive Industry & Other Ranges – pinion for  timing chain, toothed wheels for toothed belt, oil pump pinions, shock absorbers components, lock parts, various selflubricating bronze bushes and bearings
  • Devices For Engine Starting And Ignition – spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition electrodes, thermostarts for cold starting of Diesel engines
  • Aluminous Sintered Ceramic Parts – tubes, bushes, ceramic insulators, welding ceramic nozzles, ceramic parts for mills
  • Manual Grease Pumps with lever, with handle, with telescopic pipe, syringes
  • Pumps And Hoses For Tyre Inflation
  • Sintered Electrical Contacts plates (different composition: AgWNi, AgW, AgNi, AgC, AgCdO, WCu), wires (AgNi)
  • High Precision Tooling for powder compacting, sizing of sintered parts, punching, stamping, injection, pressing

Main capacities

    • Sintered products: 1150 to/ayear
    • Spark and glow plugs and Ignition electrodes: 2,2 mil pics/year
    • Ceramic superaluminous parts: 140 to/year
    • Electrical contacts: 14 to/year

Main Customers

Sinterom exports his products în Germany, Belgium, USA, Hungary, Italy, Poand, Netherlands and Slovenia.

The main customers are in România, Automobile DACIA-Renault Pitești, in Hungary, BOSCH, in Spain DELPHI, în USA, WELLES (PERKINS), in Slovenia, DANFOSS, in Poland, BRUGMAN and in Italy, PIERBURG.

Brief History

1936 – setting up of “Uzina Triumf”, specialized in chemical products

1948 – starting of the manufacturing of Mica Insulator Spark Plug

1955 – serial production of Ceramic Insulator Spark Plugs

1959 – starts the production of Glow Plugs

1970 – production of sintered parts under METAFRAM-FRANCE licence

1972 – manufactoring of thermostarts, under CAV-ENGLAND licence

1974 – changes the name in “SINTEROM”

1979 – starting of AlNi AND AlNiCo cast magnets production

1980 – start of the production of Tungsten and Molybdenum Wires under TOHO-KINZOKU, JAPONIA licence

– manufactoring of electrical contacts from silver alloys

1984 – new modern tool shop development

1987 – extension and modernization of sintered part shop

1991 – the range of “Thermostarts” is diversified

1992 – the superaluminous sintered ceramic insulator range is extended

1997 – starting of the Fast Start Glow Plug manufacturing

– production of the copper cored electrode spark plugs

1999 – certified ISO 9001 by TUV Management Service Gmbh Germany

2000 – privatization – 51 percent acquired by Contactoare Buzau

2001 – recertified ISO 9001 by TUV Management Service Gmbh Germany

2003 – production of the Spark Plugs with 16 mm Hexagon and Flat Seat

– production of a new type of glow plugs

2004 – certified ISO 9001/2000 by TUV Management Service Gmbh Germany

– EAQF certification with Dacia-Renault

2005 – ISO TS 16949:2002 certification (december 2005)

2008 – recertified iso ts 16949;

– certification iso 14001

2010 – recertified ISO 9001 (october) by sgs

2011 – recertified ISO14001 (november ) by sgs;

– recertified ISO TS 16949 (december) by sgs