Environmental policy

S.C. Sinterom S.A. recognizes the important role that natural resources and environment have to ensure a safe future, healthy and a sustainable development for the community where we live.
We are aware that through the activities and services that we promote, through the products we produce, we generate environmental impact but we have the necessary capacity and resources for each of us to contribute for improving our environmental performance.

S.C. Sinterom S.A. field of activity is defined as: design, manufacture and marketing of ceramic spark plugs and glow, ferrous and non ferrous sintered parts, sintered friction elements, sintered filter elements, sintered ceramic parts, auto accessories, tungsten wire products and sintered electrical contacts.

S.C. SINTEROM S.A. is committed to:

– maintain and improve an Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001:2005 reference;
– comply with the current legal requirements and other environment requirements;
– efficient use of utilities and raw materials;
– continuous improvement of environmental conditions and preventing the air, soil and water pollution both by our own production and activities as well by our business partners;
– ensure a high level of recycling, reusing and elimination of all wastes generated by our production;
– increase awareness of all our employees towards environment, and improved employees trainings to ensure responsible environment practice;
– communications with our business partners, regulating authorities and civil society;
– responsible environment system which integrated current and developing, programs, and promote the last technological solutions available for a healthy environment and security of our employees.